Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things Again

It is fun to teach my pottery classes again. Not only is it a great way to show people how creative they really can be, I learn from my students as well. Sometimes I see unusual techniques they invent as novices on the spot and sometimes it is general life info. They usually think of new ideas they want to create and love playing with textures in clay. They kind of get to be a kid again.

This week I did the finishing touches on the Tomato mans urn while my advanced students worked on vases and dinnerware. One student produced dinnerware set for her graduating senior. Imagine that, a 4 piece dinnerware set including 4 plates, 4 pinched bowls and 4 cups made for the daughter by the mother. That is special.

In the general life lesson department, I learned about a a great "stuff "cleansing one of my students did in her last move. She and her husband sold everything they had in a garage sale and moved to Tulsa only with their ever so loved tee pee and no jobs. They soon got terrific jobs and a house and all the things you need to live. They "clean out" and extras now once a year. She said it was a great feeling and refreshing getting rid of everything. Can I do this at some point?

The shop is doing fine even with the construction and dust flying as they improve our street. Both of my children are going to graduate. One from Kansas City Art Institute and the other from Booker T Washington high school.

My energy is flowing back into my shop and creativity. Dental surgery is now behind me and my tennis elbow is slowly healing. All is well and I will soon post picture of new pots in the shop and those soon to be finished.

Anyone who reads this blog and comes to the pottery before Mothers Day to buy a gift can receive 25% off any of my pottery or gift items in the shop. Just tell me the magic words "Mother's Day Blog Discount" and ask for 25% off. Happy Mother's day to all!

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