Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Insecurity of time and space

I really want to be past all this. I am thinking of moving my shop home and scaling down while waiting for bigger things to happen. The insecurities of not knowing a real time frame and the threat of the rent sky rocketing is taking a toll on my emotions.
I have always believed in creative problem solving and meet most life challenges head on and full speed ahead. I am tired of indecision.
My friend and fellow potter in Austin Texas as a child had a sign in her club house


So how do we know how much to worry? The whole 37th street block is just riding the wave. I just want to get my work done but this little cloud follows us all. We will likely survive but it takes great patience and confidence. Now where is that trust fund? Maybe in my next life.

And on top of it all I found out Friday I am having dental surgery Monday morning. Now isn't that my most favorite thing? At least it is not a front tooth! The glass is still half full.
And my injured arm is still hurting but now has some sort of steroid boost and I am waiting to feel better soon. At least now I know it is those little hand movements that cause the pain. So maybe I will only make monster pots, giant ones!

Luckily, Ian is taking care of the shop graduating from KCAI and Rachel is heading to University of Missouri photo journalism next year with scholarships. John is very supportive and helpful during all this drama. It is nice to have a generous loving husband. And thank you, all my friends who call and come by to check on me and the shop during these unusual challenges.

The force be with us all!

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