Saturday, May 10, 2008

Looking for El Cheapo Studio Space and a beat up truck

The search continues as well as massive cleaning of the shop.
If anyone spots a cheap studio spot with potential let me know. You know the place, handyman special with elbow grease, paint and hope. I do have followers and people who need what I sell so it is not like starting totally over. I need water, and to be able to hook up my kilns. The spot cannot be to scary at night because I teach class.
And I need an old mini van or toyota truck. I suspect it is the type with one fender the wrong color but runs good. I hear they are hard to find. No one wants to give them up. I'll bet some of those monster like SUV's will be cheap now with gas prices soaring. I will just rent a wreck if need be but there are a lot of moves around here now and a truck or van could come in handy.

Happy Mother's day to everyone.

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