Sunday, May 11, 2008

Photo Booth or Fashion Runway

Three new pairs of glass earrings! Thank you Kim!

Almost! Gee our hair smells good!

How do we all get in this photo and smile?

You know how all the sweet young girls do that digital camera thing where they aim it at themselves and look like Victoria Secret Models well...maybe we need some practice.
Kim my generous pottery student left 3 colorful little packages for me Kristine and Amanda and said not to open them until we were together. So we did and when we opened them we had each had a lovely pair of glass earrings she had made for us. We were delighted and wanted to send a thank you photo. One of those glamorous digital self portraits. Well, aiming correctly is important and being close for a three heads in one shot is important and having fun is the most important. We were thrilled with our gifts now if we can just get that Victoria Secret look down right. Smile!

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