Monday, August 18, 2008

14 Days and Still Cleaning!

Today the kilns got electric power and we will see if they work right tomorrow. Yesterday several friends came by and we moved the kilns from my old shop to their new home. Things are getting in place in the new location, located right behind the old location. The extruder, the slab roller, the wheels, glazes and office and phone service is all in place. I have sold an incredible amount of fixtures but there are still more. There are so many little things for sale and so many good deals. Business is a bit slow with so many empty spots on my block. It looks a bit abandoned and I guess folks think I am gone too.

The new spot is small but exciting. It has a good creative feel. Now if I can just get this cleaning over with and make pots again. I am getting down to the "Now what do I do with this?" stage. Fourteen more days and I guess I will know the answers.

Wanna help sort? Next Sunday should be a good helping day and it may take a couple of evenings near the end as well. I have rented the dumpster for a couple more weeks! Good idea? Just a couple more weeks!

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