Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lighten up and love it!

Oh my gosh! I did it. The old shop is empty except for mops, brooms a few lights and one more give away counter. It was dragging on day after day and not being finished no matter what I did. So today at about 5pm I decided I had had it! Finish it no matter what. Get the crap out of the big shop and move it into the new space.
I went home, ate a bite of spinach Alfredo pizza with extra cheese and 2 beers and launched the final attack. I picked up crap threw it in the truck, drove it to salvation army and home and worked like a maniac to finish. I could not take one more day of moving torture treatment.
Ian and John came home during my rampage and I invited them to join the frenzy warning them if they go to close they may be accidentally hit by a 2x4 because I intended to delay no more!

They told me to slow down take a breath and they would help. I was loading work tables over my head and throwing them in the truck, boards, chairs crap whatever toss it throw it and put it but stay out of my way. No more purgatory for me.

That all went well and I was feeling my spinach and ignoring aches and pains from moving when a landslide happened in the new shop. I was adding more shelving to the storage area over my head and it collapsed onto my head and body. Several large four foot shelves came toward me as an unbalanced black plastic shelf gave way. Oh sh--. I ducked, protected myself, felt to see if I had a goose egg or blood oozing and whew...except for minor scrapes, a small gash in my hair and a few bruises I survived and slowed down. My head hurt for a few minutes but all in all I was fine. I planned my safety strategy as the boards came toward me because I was determined not to go to the emergency room. "Landslide of shelves, stand back and cover your head!"My Zinna spirit was smashed but I was not injured. Thank God!
So I got real and slowed down.

John and Ian came and helped and we worked in a less zealous attitude, paced ourselves and got it all out of the shop. Amen. I am out.
It is one day later than I wanted but one day before the real deadline.

This morning Neighbor to Neighbor folks gave me an hour of work. Yesterday I gave them a van full of material and they were grateful and helped move several big bags of glaze chemicals. Thank you! I gave them a little cash and some Starbucks money and feel so grateful to them for moving a lot of the heavy stuff.

Also, it was a pleasure to give away a lot of antique furniture to Restore. It is a group of women from the Oklahoma prison project and they have a rehab program in furniture restoration. No good lawyers, bad boyfriends and drugs I suppose got them where they were. They like power tools and having a skill. I gave them more than furniture. I gave them candles and incense and housewares and assorted other bags of stuff. It was a pleasure to give it to them and make them happy. You know Oklahoma has the highest number of women in prisons? Something isn't right here.

Now my new shop is stuffed and not quite ready to be a productive studio but it is all there! So, I will give away more stuff until I fit nicely.

I have wonderful and giving friends. Without them I could not have done this. I have cried several times at crazy moments because I love my friends so much and appreciate each and every minute they gave to help me move. I am so lucky. It is such a spoiled rotten problem to have too much stuff. Without my friends I would have been stuck for several more months. I plan to have some kick ass parties for them all soon. I am so grateful. Thank you all! The generosity and moral support was a real gift.

I want to lighten up now. Less studio stuff, less responsibility and less shelf space to fill. I want lighter hair and I want to exercise more and weigh less. I want less stuff around me. I want to lighten up emotionally and regain my free spirit attitude. Yes it is time to lighten up in every way. I feel it. I will do it. Less is more. I get to concentrate on my artwork! Hooray.

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