Thursday, August 28, 2008

So Close to "Art in the Alley"

Yes, the move is almost over! I am delighted and probably have one more push. Just looked at the weather for today and realize mother nature is going to push me one more time. It is gonna be 98 and humid. The new shop has no heat and no air. I do have great fans thanks to a couple of donated ceiling fans and a new super fan from Sam's. And, the kilns will heat the new place in the winter. Creative thinking always comes in handy.

Today will be a challenge. Moving clay and glaze chemicals in 98 degree temps ought to burn extra calories. Nothing like grinding chemicals into sweat.

The last few days have been great. Old customers coming out of the woodwork buying art at half price and fixtures as well. Yes, I'm gonna fit in 740 square feet. I cannot wait to make art again. I am so tired of moving and cleaning.

Mikey, my dear friend always said we should have "Art in the Alley" and we tried it a few times. Now that idea is permanent. I basically live in the alley now and I'm going to invite my art friends to join me in shows with tents in the alley with my art openings. We are going to have fun and keep art alive in Tulsa. So many galleries on my block had to close with our rent increase and month to month leases. So I can help bring everyone back here and there. Change happens, seize the day.

Change can be a good thing.


  1. Linda, I think you will have more time to be creative and do the things you like to do. We will still be around to bug you, but you can create until the world looks level...jackie hinch

  2. Thanks Jackie for all your support and enthusiasm. You make teaching fun with your talent and your desire to learn. I love having you around, watching you learn.