Friday, August 15, 2008

Santa Fe is Calling My Name

This bird and I are always looking for something shiny.

Blue Skies and freedom in New Mexico, too bad I'm not there.

I could use a hot soak in the hot springs mineral baths at Ojo Calliente.

I know. I cannot go right now. I have to keep cleaning and moving and sorting. But, as usual, I would rather be in Santa Fe.

I am so grateful to my friends who are helping me move. The 740 square foot shop is just about there now. We move kilns and do electrical hook-up on Sunday and Monday and just keep cleaning, selling and giving away. I hope to never live anywhere again for 18 years. All collectors should have to move every five years. Please don't let me do this to myself again.

I am getting super organized in case I have to move again sooner than I think. I am getting many great offers and opportunities to start again in several places. It is amazing what a listing in Craig's List will do. I just don't want to jump in too quickly anywhere. I need a little bit of freedom and time to think how to approach this crazy career now.
I have always liked the smaller area behind my shop and now I will fit in it.

Seventeen more hard cleaning days and then "It is what it is, for sure."

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