Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank you dear friends

Yep, I'm seeing light at the end of tunnel.

This past Sunday so many friends came and helped with the pottery move. Sure I have mount trash more in my office but it is not in the old shop! I can sort it soon.
The rest of the shop is falling into place. I may even be out sooner than Friday which is my personal deadline. Hooray! I can live again.

I am so grateful to my friends. They are patient and careful moving pottery stuff, so much stuff.
We made a list of jobs and everyone pitched in. I have water, lights, plugs, a great fan and shelves to the ceiling! I gonna get rid of even more. No more extra stuff for me! I will not be owned by my things again.

The kindness of my friends overwhelms me. And, we will party soon!

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