Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Awe of Art

The beginning of the "Wind People" idea. This artwork was titled "Instant Audience" and was a piece I created in 1978 and is at the home of my sister in Tennessee. It is fun to give family members significant artwork and visit it later.

An early Spirit person? I created this piece around 1984.

Yes, I am in awe of art and pottery. It is a wonderful way to live. You can stay in the utopia of creating and pretty much ignore the rest of the world if you please. It does not make for the most well rounded life style but it is a fun place to be.

So there I was at my acupuncturist needles sticking in me, trying to focus on life and meditation and how to get there from here and we talked about life and balance. Eldon said, "You are in awe of art." And he is right. He said some people do this with religion and don't want to deal with the real world but yes, I do this with art.

I remember walking with a fellow grad student in Tennessee, picking up cow patties to burn in my primitive firing and realizing I was to much in awe of art. I felt completely unbalanced. I realized I thought about nothing but clay and had become a bit boring.

Balance in life is very important. I hope to find it again. I want to be with my family more, exercise again on a daily basis and have time to "smell the roses."

And, as soon as I get out of this cleaning and moving woman mode, I want to make art. I really want to get back to creating.

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