Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby its Cold in Here!

Bev Prentice aims space heater at her body while buying pottery supplies. Is this a trend? Assign space heaters to your customers. Bev, by the way, has published a couple really fun and informative cookbooks full of stories about her life as a nutritionist with 6 kids and a very patient husband. Her hardback copy is Grain of Truth, a healthy alternative. She mills her own grains and is a vivacious character.

OK, so I had this great idea of working in the garage with no heat and no air. After the rent doubled, the endless street construction in front of my shop and the recession popped up its evil head, I decided to scale down into my 740 square foot storage area. Maybe no air is easier than no heat. I use the kilns to heat the workshop but I cannot fire every day. And, I am running space heaters as well.
So, everyday when I go in I write down the starting temperature. Lately it has been 53, 47, 42. Oh yeah, I can take it. I am no wimp. But, it takes all day to get warm enough to work. Cold air, cold water and cold clay equals cold bones.
But you know what? It's OK. Actually, it is fun and a creative challenge. You have to find a way to survive if you really want to be an artist all your life. My students are in the game and so are my customers. We laugh and keep moving
to stay warm or back your cold butt up to the heater and stand there until you feel toasty.
I think I'm gonna make it. Only a couple days ago did I have doubts, twice. Twice I wondered if I was crazy. I dismissed it and kept working. "I think I can. I think I can."
The Oklahoma wind wisps down the alley and makes its way into the cracks around the big garage door. The heaters eek out a little heat. So what? It is never boring. And, I love my students and customers for "getting it."
And, yesterday I reserved my spot on a plane to Costa Rica in January to stay with friends. We will have a blast. More about that later.

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