Monday, December 22, 2008

Brrrr-It is cold in the shop

It is so cold. The shop is cold. But, friends keep coming. I have noticed most prefer to sit on the wooden rather than the metal chairs. Standing in front of the heater is the best spot.

The season as a retail person has been really weird. I am just "riding the wave" and trying to think creatively about how to keep going. Don't over read this. We all seem to be in the same boat. The great thing has been watching people make more gifts this year.

My classes really work well and it is a pleasure to watch both beginners and the more advanced discover how fun it is to produce original works of art for gifts. They report back with fun stories about how others loved their work. It is the way it ought to be.

I have a lot of people asking when the next class is. Most likely toward the end of February.
I will set the schedule soon. I just have to get through Christmas first. My regular students will meet off and on probably Thursday nights until I leave for Costa Rica for a month. I leave January 21-February 19th.

I am so looking to Costa Rica and then I will come back all inspired to teach again!


  1. Last year Hawaii, this year Costa Rica! Life is good to Linda Coward!

  2. Yes, and I am grateful. Thawing out in Costa Rica should be fun. I plan to write photograph and make a few pots as well. I still need a little time for my arm to heal and the shop will be naturally very cold during that time.

  3. Have fun and I'll follow along via the blog!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!