Sunday, December 14, 2008

Linda's Collectable Angels

Be Careful Where You Put Your Heart 14" high, stoneware $100 sold


Reflections 28" High Stoneware $350

Holy Man and Reflections 28" stoneware $350 each or $500 pair

Bird Lady 8"x8" Stoneware $48

Let it Go Angel 10" high $48 Sold

Let it Go 11" $48 sold

Let it Go Angel 6" $22

This year's angels have the theme "Let it Go" and yes some of these have sold and some are available to purchase. Many flew out the door before I got their photos taken.

Let it Go refers to all the things in our lives we need to release in order to live with joy in our lives. It is our own decision if we want to be happy or wallow in our sorrows. If you can release thoughts that weigh you down or "let it go" that might help.
It is a joy to sometimes "Let it Go." Place the bird in your hand and let it go.

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