Saturday, December 27, 2008

Leaf pots from the Katie Trail in Tulsa and Dinner plates

Wendy's dinner plate $22-sold

stoneware dinner plate $22

stoneware dinner plate $22

Katy Trail Leaf Plate $42-sold

Katy Trail Leaf Plate $42-sold

Katy Trail leaf plate $32

Katy Trail Leaf Plate $42

Katie Trail Leaf Plate $42

My theme being leaves, birds and trees, these are a few of my latest pots from this series. They are fired cone 5 oxidation making them strong stoneware. The leaves were gathered from my favorite tree off Riverside Drive in the parking lot at the Katy Trail. They measure about 8-10 inches square and are lead free, micro-wave safe and oven proof. They are lovely party plates and can be mounted on the wall for storage. Art meets function.

Woman's pottery quote:

Sandy Brown 1989

'I am an adult with the joy of playing and who is free enough to express it in an uncorrupted manner.'

'I have some considerable experience of playing and the desire and ability to continue to do so.'

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