Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Rest of the Story

This was our enchanting art tent at the open house at night
It took a lot of savy helpers to raise the tent for our show

The parking lot was transformed into a "courtyard."

The tent made for a great expanded Brookside Pottery with more room for more artists and appeared to be a great idea until the middle of the night and the great Oklahoma wind came.

So in the middle of the night the wind came and lifted our beautiful tent over the fence and into the garden, weights and all. Luckily we had emptied all the artwork into the studio so we lost no ones art. The tent and the birdhouse are repairable and we were lucky.
You have to respect mother nature in Oklahoma. The wind was not supposed to arrive until the next morning but we could hear it late in the night.

We moved all the artists into inside spaces the next morninng and partied on. We rallied our good spirits and proved we could do it and had a great holiday open house.

More pictures tomorrow of art work available.

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