Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Special orders in progess

This Henry Moore like figure was in a friend's back yard and broke. The original is from somewhere south of the border and is made of concrete.

The original has been glued together to help me see it to duplicate it. It is a large figure with simple lines and will have to hang from a half shelf to be fired. This figure will be fun to be inspired by as I alter the shape during the next few attempts. The concrete figure is considerably thicker than I want to make in clay. Timing is everything keeping it wet enough to work and dry enough to support itself.

In order to make a similar form I have to make constant comparisons. The difficult part of copying is sometimes I like my version more and then I have to remember I am copying a form for someone else. Here, both pieces set propped on boxes and I stand back to examine the differences and similarities. This involves several hours of work and looking.

This is an attempt to duplicate the 21" wall piece below. I have built three so far but have not added th color and designs. That comes next. It is made in red earth clay and is built from slabs and extruded parts as well as a few supporting coils. Again, timing is everything and it takes several hours to complete. I am creating one like the original and two variations of the original. I will probably build 5 an hope for 3 we really like. The underglazes and carving begin soon.

This is a side view of the broken pot I must remake. Does anyone recognize the original artist of this pot? It came from the Dallas area in the 70's. I have searched on line for the maker of this pot googling several words.

This pot was one of the owners favorite wall pieces. Obviously, it broke. It is more difficult to make than I realized. However, I have wanted to make similar pots to this one for years and this project gets me going on this idea. It is a mystery exactly how it was made and fun to remake. I will have to glue parts back on to recreate the design.

Yes, I work on special orders. I choose projects I relate to and I feel is worth my time. If I can learn something in the process lots of times, I will choose to do it. I looked around my shop this week and I realized I am remaking a lot of broken pots and sculpture for people. This is different in my shop. These projects have been challenges and I am enjoying working on them. If anyone recognizes the artists of these works please let me know. I am reproducing the originals and then taking the projects a few steps in another direction.

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