Monday, March 2, 2009

Gallo Pinto from San Ramon and Susan Lyons

My version of gallo pinto includes brown rice, chicken broth and more veggies.

La Radial where the recipe originally came from thanks to Susan. I will take great food over fancy decor any day.

The original version on my plate with fried cheese, egg and tortillas.

Another day and another clean plate. Good to the last bite.

I love to cook and I love cultural exchanges. After visiting San Ramon and staying with Tom Ackley and Susan Lyons I had to come home and make this great recipe. Susan got it from the La Radial restaurant. They serve it for breakfast but it is good anytime. The restaurant was a great place to eat and the meal cost a whopping $2.00 each!
And now a plug for Susan and Tom, remember if you want to go to Costa Rica and stay with some great people at their soon to be finished B&B, the name is VistaValVerde. Go to their web site and take a look. And they are both fantastic cooks and wonderful people to be with. Susan will publish a cookbook soon and I am having fun trying her recipes. If you like food and you like to cook you will have to buy it. It will happen before too long. This is good eating!

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