Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stawberry Pie in Shreveport-Don't Miss it!

Several years ago we were passing through Shreveport LA on our way to New Orleans and happened across a restaurant across from Centenary College. The painted sign on top of their building (if I remember correctly after all these years) read something like "Best Strawberry Pie...." and we noticed it got a favorable review in Southern Living magazine.
And, it is still there and the pie is still fine! It is good enough to pull off interstate 49 and go find it.
And, if you want to stretch you legs on a trip, walk around the antique store next door. It is full of reasonably priced old stuff. WalMart stuff has not hit their shelves yet. I saw a tobacco press, a wooden butter fish mold, silver, dishware and more things to poke.
Until a little over year ago there was also a fantastic used bookstore there as well. Now the formere book store owner has remaining books in one of the booths in the antique store.

I bet you will lick your plate for the remaining real whipping cream in the pie.

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