Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Makes Baby Boomers Happy? Let's Cook

Here is breakfast, crustless quiche, gallo pinto and Costa Rican coffee.

First bite.

Crustless Quiche, eggs, two kinds of cheese, milk, cream, canadian bacon, mushrooms, peppers.

Butter in the iron skillet waiting for the veggies

Gallo pinto needs this sauce to taste like the Radial's version!

Could I get fat from eating this or will it help me live healthier? Happier for sure!

Add the beans and brown rice! And, enjoy this for a few days. Enough to feed an army!

No pepper is safe in this house. We will eat them all sooner or later! I love cooking with these mini peppers. They are sweet and tasty!

It is Sunday morning and I've been cooking like a crazy woman. What could be more fun? I can only think of a couple of things. Hmm.
I had so much fun in Costa Rica. We ate really well, being the foodies we are, laughed and played, sang songs we sort of knew the words to from the 60's and 70's and had happy hour everyday. And yes we were all significantly grateful everyday and let it be known.

I don't know whether to brag or complain about cooking delicious food. It sure makes it hard to enjoy eating out. When the food is more real and incredibly tasty paying more for less just isn't as much fun. So what to do? Invite friends over to share it and live "French style." I cannot eat fast and I love fresh food and fine intelligent company. The wine should only be in the bottle.

So last night I made homemade pizza. I made whole wheat dough and a white dough and cut up all kinds of delicious toppings to play with. A good friend who likes to talk travel and books came over and we made lots of little individual pizza to our liking. And of course there was a good salad to go with it as well. The company was fun after a day of drooling over my spreadsheets of tax info.

Still in the spirit of good food I woke up this morning and thought, "What's next? Biscuits? Loaded healthy oatmeal? it Susan Lyon's crustless quiche and gallo pinto, Costa Rican style from the Radial restaurant in San Ramon and of course Costa Rican coffee." If you want this meal but don't like or know how to cook, go stay at Susan and Tom's VistaValVerde B&B in Costa Rica and I bet they will make it for you. Susan will publish a cook book soon and these recipes are hers.

So what makes us Baby Boomer happy? Good food, cooking, good friends, music, reading and a little extra time to enjoy all these things. I feel lucky.

Now back to those stinking taxes, almost finished.

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