Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Wish I Could Smoke a Cigar and Blow Smoke Rings, kinda

How do you blow smoke rings?

I really cannot smoke this thing but I tried! Better let someone else keep it lit!

Tom's wonderful helpers have a great sense of humor and let me be one of the guys for a minute.
There is a giant cigar in my hand and they wanted to see if I could smoke it. Sorry but I gave it a try!

I loved the spirit of the people in Costa Rica and the smell of Cuban cigars. Around happy hour I would try to catch Tom's smoke rings and I even tried to smoke a cigar with no luck. Could not make the smoke happen. Here is the the Friday afternoon party and I am trying to look tough and smoke this cigar with Tom's wonderful work crew. It was fun but the cigar was too much of a challenge for me to keep it smoking. I am better at catching the smoke rings and breathing the second hand smoke. These fellow were a fine work crew, good natured and hard working!

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