Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Stink Eye in New Orleans

Ken at 50 in Drag, "Not that there is anything wrong with that."

Scooters are a great way to get around in New Orleans and the boa is a lovely touch
"Precious" looks out her window. Just another day at home in New Orleans.

"Precious" lives in a southern mansion, by the way.

Additions to the sign, "This means you gutter punks." (Stink eye)

Both eyes open and forward. No stink eye here.

Our B&B entrance at Banana Courtyard, fun and funky but they could use of few of my planters

The lovely hallway entrance. Eclectic and wonderful.

I like this place. There is very little stink eye in New Orleans. Overall it is a very accepting society.
So many stories. Can i remember just a few?

So many pretty people and a few others as well are everywhere. And everybody seems to get along.

We started with breakfast in our B&B. A very handsome young man from Lafayette shared our table. He spent the night here after casting call for an independent film here at Tulane. He has already been in 80 or so independent films. He is only 19 and said he may start college again in Tokyo or Thailand. He pointed out that Louisiana is 49th in education, only ahead of Mississippi and his first college experience was too easy. Dark hair and eyes and certainly a charming young man as well to have breakfast with.

Next, one of the most handsome young man I have ever seen joined the table. He was from Trinidad. A college senior, with a lovely accent, I am sure most girls would love to keep his company. He had wonderful manners as well.

After a bit of interesting conversation, unlike the super 8 hotel experience, we headed off to the center of the French Quarter. There is a lot of walking here if you let it happen. We have not been in our car for a few days. I have never seen so many 3 wheel bicycles with baskets actually being ridden as normal transportation. It makes my biking to work seem normal as well.

We rubber necked our way to the Historical Center of New Orleans for John to do his research. But alas, before I got there, we spotted a foot massage spa or reflexology with free samples. Of course, I had to try that and soon found myself paying for the full works and an arm/neck massage as well. John went on in his responsible way to the historical center and I turned into a piece of toast.

I finally made my ever so limber way to the research center where we dug deeper into the files of Alfred Waud. Fantastic artist that he was, illustrating for the Harper's Weekly and more we also discovered his love and lies as well. It is great material for a screenplay. More later on that one.

Then how about a not too expensive lunch at K Pal's next door? Delicious creole steak, fried cheese grits and a role. Yum. Dessert was an incredible chocolate cake and a french roast coffee.

More soon with be edited and added to tomorrow morning. I am pooped.

And of course a little about the girl with the dog who gave me the only stink eye in town! Everyone else has been fantastic!

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