Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Best Meal in New Orleans, Adolpho's Italian/Creole

All wine $5 with one house wine, 3 reds to choose from.

Drink a draft for $3 while you wait to go upstairs.

Shrimp with Alfredo sauce on homemade pasta

Cannelloni with crabmeat and sweet corn.

We were only there a few days and we don't like to stuff ourselves on a regular basis. It is hard to get hungry enough to try a lot of restaurants in New Orleans in four days. But, here is what we found on limited time and limited budget.

The very best meal we had was at Adolpho's on Frenchmen. It is a very unusual restaurant in the community the locals frequent. I was recommended to us a few times by different people and finally we took time to try it and we were delighted.

We heard it was started by man like to cook and make good food. The kitchen is tiny! The cuisine is affordable, cheap my New Orleans standards. It is sort of Italian/Creole.

The pasta is homemade and the wine is $5. What could be better? The house salad and bread were fine as well. The waitress was friendly and when we asked her if we could split our meal which we love to do, she said. "I don't care." Good news for us! And, they did not charge us extra to do so.

We had to wait in the Apple Barrel bar below until our turn. It is located up some creaky stairs above the bar and you will miss it if you don't look hard for it. You can usually see customers sitting in the open windows above.

More about other favorites tomorrow.

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