Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Orleans and Having Fun

Our delicious quiche for breakfast we shared with our house sitters before we left Tulsa.

John is a terrific writer and looks for info on images and Native Americans and the Press in the 1800's

Swamp on our way to New Orleans down hi way 10

Puppeteer in the French Quarter. His puppets looked similar to some our son Ian has made.

Musicians are everywhere, walking the steets with their instruments in cases.

Who are these happy tourists and why does she have her arm resting on a horse post?

Great local hamburger spot.

Clean plate club after eating the burger and baked potatoe.
It has been a long time since we ate beef.

Laid back Pooch in New Orleans.

Cigars, handmade and in waiting.

Pope Paul visited here in 1987 and stood in this spot.

Has everyone had coffee and beignets here at some time in their life?

Local beer.

We got out of Lafayette and a Super 8 hotel and headed for the Big Easy. As we travel to our destination, we try to figure out which interstate hotel chain is upgrading and does not cost a fortune so when we get to New Orleans we can afford to stay in a nice place in the French Quarter.
Super 8 seems to be revamping at the moment and we got there late and left early.

Alas, New Orleans and the Banana Courtyard. We were instructed to call ahead so they could meet us at the gate for parking and so we did. We were led into this fantastic collection of everything under the sun and offered a glass of wine, beer, water or a soft drink. Red wine for me and beer for John. The place is like staying in a historical museum. Everywhere you look there is something interesting the owners have collected and put on display. We were handed keys, maps and had a hand held walking tour down to Borbon street. It was the most caring arrival to a B&B we have ever had. Suggestions for restaurants, local events including the St. Patricks day parade and more. The room is large and the bathroom enormous. We have a king bed, a day bed, a fainting couch dressers tables and more. Our room, the hexagon, was the waiting room the the gentlemen callers of the bordello.

We headed for the French Quarter to search for printed material by illustrator Alfred Wauld at the Historic New Orleans Collection. John's next book deals with images of native Americans and how they were portrayed in print. This is and one more example for his next book. We searched through several boxes of drawings and printed pages. I had not planned to help but could not resist going through the boxes of old drawings as well.

New Orleans is a great place to "have to do research." And I will continue to take the isolated time to work on my pottery muse book as well.

Life is ecclectic and essentric here. People let their hair down and keep it there. We had everyone from a street poet, perhaps a little crazy handing his love poems to us to read and then going on a rampage about gays and how aids gets them back and eliminates them, yikes. And another lady with quite the outfit and a can of almonds strutting around, "Why does everyone know where the parade is and no one will tell me? Why I think I will throw almonds at everyone." Whack and laugh and keep looking for that St. Pat's parade that is always starts several hours late. And that just mentions a couple of examples.

Adventures and writing. What could be more fun? Happy hour?

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