Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to Pottery Thoughts

Plates. I do believe this could be a good week for making plates and bowls. My daughter needs plates for her new apartment, my Mother needs plates and I need to check on plates for a coffee shop in Broken Arrow called Stonewood. I made their mugs and plates and I heard they are running low.
And sculpture and special orders need to be completed.
I also will make several sculptures during the next few weeks. Janet Duval and I are collaborating on a fun idea. I am making a pot and she will include it in a painting and we will show this in her friends furniture store along with several more pieces. She does wonderful colored pencil drawings and paintings. Our styles are similar and we have fun together so it should be interesting to see how it turns out. I will try and photograph this as it happens and post it on this blog.
And if that is not enough ideas to be working on I will also be making sculpture and bird-women for a Route 66 show and gallery in Sapulpa. I also plan to post those photos as they are being created.
Guess that makes for a busy week. I feel so lucky to stay inspired, too wake up thinking of new ideas everyday even after 35 years of creating. Guess I better get dressed and head out for a new day.

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