Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doing too much, not too little, Meanwhile

Well rats. First I write about doing to little and then I am doing so much I don't have time to write. Cannot blame my family, everyone is out of town except Ian and I don't see him a lot.

Planting a garden, finishing special orders, going to "art" meetings, rearranging the titanic.

Why do I have to go away to think and write?

I watch Home and Garden a little between house cleaning and see these 24 year old sex bombs saying how easy it is to press and stick new flooring in the kitchen if you start from the middle and I go to my kitchen look down and say, "Damn, what about those weirdly shaped outside edges?" And she announces that any light fixture over 8 years old is out of date. Hey! Those are my new ones!
They talk about making the house marketable and I realize I have probably made every mistake. They smile, giggle and swing a hammer and poof! The job is complete for only pennies or maybe a few thousand dollars. Meanwhile the home owner is shown with a look of "Oh now I see and I feel so guilty."
I thought you were allowed to surround yourself with a lot of junk because it is your own space and you have some rights of some sort. And you don't have to move yet anyway.
I found it all depressing as I watched and felt helpless. Then I put on my big girl panties and I do mean big girl panties (that is another story) and decided to tackle one project at a time. Now where is that kitchen counter?

Meanwhile I got on my bike and watered the new garden at the shop I planted yesterday. A friend left me a gift. He left me 4 sections of picket fence to put up to re-enclose my garden. If I did not have an arm problem that could be fun. But, I think I can dig a hole anyway and support that fence and then beg some of my male friends to help me give it a little more support.

Meanwhile I should be cleaning the garage or my son's empty room. I have a front porch full of display pedestals. I spent 30 minutes on my son's room he left in an unGodly mess after moving to his own apartment. Thank goodness he got his own apartment. But what about all the stuff he left behind? It will take hours to find that room. That room will be an organized storage and third bedroom for guests again someday.

Meanwhile to stimulate the brain cells I bicycled a couple of miles to hear Ira Glass talk about story telling and his incredible radio show. He started by turning down the lights and creating the radio effect. It was charming and sensitive and he had an audience waiting for more of his everyday stories. His program on national public radio is "This American Life." Holding a flashlight in my left hand I managed to get home in the dark without hitting any potholes or being hit by a car.

Is this ADD or ADHD or just way to much to do. And did you notice the baby birds in the hole in the wall outside the pottery?

One step at a time. Nothing really matters except sanity. As Anne Lamont said, "Bird by bird."

Multitasking and meanwhiling. Better slow down and get it all done now!

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