Saturday, May 9, 2009

Staying motivated to Diet

No one knows more about dieting than those of us who live on diets most of the time. It is not how to diet it is just staying on it forever. Lord knows I try, mostly.

I love to cook. After my terrific experiences in Costa Rica and watching Tom and Susan cook with calphalon I found myself lusting after new cookware. I planned to buy it one piece at a time on sale for the next 100 years. I lucked out and got 40% off a brand new set. I love it. It makes a difference and it is incredibly high quality. It really is fine non-stick and I use almost no olive oil.
After Costa Rica I have new knives and new cookware.

Now about that diet or as they love to say, "life style" change. Well. And of course, the exercise. Well.

I am really trying to make delicious and healthy food and not eat too much of it. The cookware helps. And chopping everything helps. A little more inner strength would also help. I hate keeping a journal of every bite I eat but it does make me accountable. It is just so boring and tedious.

I looked at my plate tonight and it was lovely. A delicious fresh spinach salad from a friends garden along with freshly toasted pine nuts, strawberries, fat free feta, assorted lettuces, red and orange peppers. A small bit of high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
I made wild rice and skipped it. And a lightly sauteed talapia fish and a very little butter and lime sauce sprinkled on top with fresh parsley. For dessert because of my never ending sweet tooth, baked banana with dot of butter, cinnamon and lime juice. Tell me why I am complaining. It was a lovely meal.

If I can make really good fresh food, I can enjoy the diet, mostly.

It just should be easier.

And there are no secrets. Just diet and exercise. Rats.

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