Monday, May 11, 2009

Maybe I'll Just Walk and Ride My Bike All Week

OK. Finally after 4 weeks of counting points I lost 5 little pounds at weight watchers. I guess that is not too bad since my exercise has been limited by crappy weather. I don't know what excuse I will use when it stops raining, storming and threatening to storm all the time.

So another one of those early morning thoughts. How about I don't get in a car until next Monday's weight watcher meetings. When I go to Mexico I lose weight because I walk and don't have a car while I drink beer and eat tacos and mushroom soup. Hmm. Maybe I can "play" little Mexico in my neighborhood all week. I am afraid to promise in case it is really storming tomorrow or I have to go to an interview or something special but so far so good. I need to be a little more active and get some more of these persistent pounds to fear my exercise and jump off.

And, as I said before I love to ride my bike so why not? I am such a perfectionist in a way, I cannot promise I can do this all week. So the deal is, I try it as long as I can without any big conflict. And I will promise it totally on another week.

One good downpour on the way to work and I'm getting in the car.

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