Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Clues about Diets and Overeating

As you can tell if you read my blog regularly I am about obsessed with food and cooking as much as about making pottery. And sometimes I think pottery is mostly about making vessels to deliver the food in the most beautiful way. And that is more about sensual pleasure. And of course there is also a lot of sensual pleasure in making sculpture.
Today on NPR I heard the Diane Rehm show as she spoke to a significant soul about why we think about food and eating like we do.

I know losing weight is much more complicated than any of us really understand but this book has research done by someone who knows how and understands the real struggle and that it is also about business and learned habits. This book explains maybe why all those crispy creme donut shops showed up on every corner and why corn syrup is in almost everything. Have you ever tried to go to the grocery and not put any corn syrup in your basket? I have and it is not easy. It is in everything whether it needs it or not.

Hmm. Sugar salt and fat. The most delicious habit forming bad habit and it is not your or my fault. I don't suffer from junk food craving or processed food desire but I cannot resist Italian Cream Cake and if I thought it was my last day on earth would eat a whole one.

I have now ordered the book: "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite"David Kessler MD.

It may be just one more of my many diet books as I try and figure out why I am president of the Clean Plate Club and why I enjoy the anticipation of really good food as I cook. David has also ying-yanged with his weight and has been the head of the FDA and many other positions of authority concerning Americans and weight and food. His theories are believable and probably correct and he has a few suggestions about how to once again gain a little brain control with food.

I will comment on this more later tonight after I teach pottery class. For now gotta go make stuff.

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