Monday, May 4, 2009

I love Mexico

One of most wonderful places to visit is Mexico and I apologize to the Mexican people. They are friendly and the land is beautiful and the food is better than ours. So why all the prejudice? Who else would get on a really hot roof for a small income to mail home to the family? Who else would bend in a field all day in miles and miles of romaine lettuce so I could have a good salad.
I am so sorry the world is in a panic over the swine flu. I heard about the Mexican man who was arrested in Hong Kong because he left the country, came back and had not even reentered Mexico.

How do you spell prejudice?

It really upsets me because I have enjoyed the hospitality of Mexico many times. No, I don't like the border towns much and I don't do the tourist areas often. I love real Mexico. It always reminds me of going back in time about 50 or more years before our processed foods and homogenized culture took over this country. I could see my Grandmother, child on her hip, standing inside the door looking out. I love the art and the craft. I love the pace and the nap taking in the afternoons. I loved watching the town's people stroll around the square on Friday and Saturday nights like a merry-go-round, arm in arm, walking.
I love walking everywhere and riding buses that were nicer than our airplanes these days.
I love the silver glowing and sparkling in Taxco.
I love the art colony in San Miguel and the way the Americans and the Mexicans share space and culture.
I love Oaxoa and my new friends, the children sitting on my lap and drawing with me in my notebook and I liked buying their folk art toys.

Now what? Treat them like they have the plague? I know we all need to be careful but there must be a way to handle this epidemic with dignity. I don't think we have figured it out.

Mexico, again I am sorry. I know it must be hard to live in this third world country so close to the US with all its wealth and prosperity. I wish there was no dotted line between us and we could help more.
We are all one people, brothers and sisters and I wish life was more fair.

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