Monday, May 4, 2009


All my friends wear rose colored glasses and smile.

What? In my body maintenance class today they quoted someone (like who, I want to know) from a "recent study" saying kids laugh 116 times a day and adults only laugh 4 times a day. Where on earth did they get that info? I did not lose any weight this week and I know I laughed at least 25 times before I left the building. I thought the expression fat and happy was based on something.

Oh well. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


  1. Was wondering if you know of any place in tulsa to buy a glass kiln?I live in claremore ,thanks,jenifer.

  2. Have you tried the little ones from hobby lobby for about $100 or you can use an online coupon and get it 40% off. Several friends have these and they work pretty well for what they are.
    I think L&L has them. I will double check and if so I can order you one. L&L are top of the line kilns. You can check it out as well at I don't know where else you could get one in Tulsa. Call me if you need more help or email me.

  3. i'm really wanting one big enough to slump bottles in.i guess i'll have to order one on line,thanks anway ,jenifer.

  4. You can melt bottles in a regular kiln. Let me know if you cannot find one. I may be able to help you.