Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Romance of a Visit to Costa Rica

Looking out the plane window on the way back to Tulsa.

Small towns and gorgeous land of Costa Rica

Susan "gets that picture" as we walk the beach looking for sea shells.

The view from our room.

photo by Susan

I don't ride horses but this ride looked real tempting.

our room at Hotel Iguana

A great pool at the hotel. Loved that swim!

Easy to build outdoor shower.

Best hammock spot in the world.

Tom and I motion for Susan to "Come on In! The water is great."

Two lovelies on the beach after a fun swim.

Tom having a good time.

Susan loves Willy and Willy loves Susan.

Willy taking in the sights on vacation.

I am home now, doing my taxes so my daughter can get her college scholarship and I have a dental appointment this afternoon. Teeth and Taxes. So I take a break and travel through my photos back to Costa Rica which is now becoming a daydream. Susan, Tom, Willy and I had a very peaceful trip to the beach at the end of my trip. It was a lovely trip to the beach and I am sure it will influence my new spring pottery making. I picked up many shells on the beach will be inspiring for spring garden pots to come. We all had fun taking these pictures on the beach.

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