Monday, June 16, 2008

Clay the Stepchild

There was a successful art show on the plaza of Santa Fe Saturday and Sunday. The arts looked great and people seemed to be buying. I felt good seeing that show unlike the one in Missouri last week. Still, artists said more people purchased more last year. Gas is $3.99-$4.89 per gallon. One of our favorite bakeries on 2nd street has gone out of biz because of bio fuel and wheat prices. Rats!
I was in a contemporary gallery and thought Ian's ever so wild and contemporary clay sculture would fit in perfectly there. I talked to the "lady" of one of the most significant contemporary galleries and told her he had recently graduated from KCAI and asked how he should approach a gallery like hers to reviewed.
She gave me lots of helpful suggestions and told me they don't take "Unknowns" and he should get a web site and make links and connections and enter calls for entries etc. Then I mentioned he was a clay sculptor.
ZIP---"Oh, you did not say he was in clay. We don' t handle any clay work. The galleries don't show that." This brought back memories of the lack of clay sculpture in the significant galleries in SanFrancisco, same response.
"Why not? Why is there no clay sculpture in these galleries? Is the material too cheap?"
"Oh no. It is just a craft."

Good grief, I thought that battle ended in the 70's. If I won the lottery I would open up a fantastic clay only gallery downtown Santa Fe and prove her wrong.

Oh well.

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