Friday, June 20, 2008

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

Whenever we are in Santa Fe we watch for the free lectures that go with the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. The are always incredibly inspiring.

This time we heard Alan Thornton and Karen Keuhn. Both were fantastic. Gotta check out their websites
and &

Quotes from Alan

What is the purpose of what you do?
Ad people say" "I need you to be creative to make me money."
All I can do is bring all that I have to you.
Bring passion, love and creativity to "it" everyday.

Karen said
Think art and be surprised and be open.
embrace people
make a difference

Both photographic artists were very inspiring and full of creative energy. There photos were fascinating. I hope there web sites are as interesting as they were.

Yes, that is just a couple of reasons I would love to live in Santa Fe. I just feel to old to work the two jobs it would take to buy a house there. I am trying to think of a way to move there someday. How about a yurt?

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