Friday, June 13, 2008

The Travel Bug Strikes Again

I love traveling and photography and writing about it. So, hang on and I will take you to Santa Fe with me. John and I often think we would like to organize trips to cool places like Santa Fe. We look for local dives and do it on a shoestring budget and have fun. We have our favorite places so maybe this is the best way to share the trip. And, I don't have to worry about keeping people pleased on the trip! I bet that is a never ending job. I promise lots of interesting photos and lots of travel tips. This will be a Saturday till Wed night trip.
Ian is keeping our shop open and this once again gives me thinking time. It is so much easier to think out of my natural environment full of daily chores.

I talked to Venture Properties and told them I will give up the front of the shop and hold on to my garage area as a studio and to sell clay, tools etc. I will have to fit in 740 square feet from about 1740 or more square feet. Oooh that will be painful but rewarding. I have to be out of the front shop by August 31.

I have no heat, air or water at this point. Could be worse! I've got a roof and paint and I only have to move across the ally. I do have to have about 4 significant yard sales of extra clay stuff and fixtures. I hope to create a fun studio with a bit of funkiness. I am looking forward to it. I think I can have it for at least a year and then I hope to move home or some other convenient space. The good news is I can afford this space and may come out ahead and will have a life again. The biggest challenge is the water dept at the moment. They say my space does not exist. Funny that the phone and electric co recognize it. I think Venture will help me find my water. Now where is that peach limb that helps lead to the meter?

Santa Fe always is great. So join me and I promise not to naval gaze too much and will post lots of photos. That is always easier away from home.

It is so great to get to go to Santa again. A big piece of my heart is already there.

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