Sunday, June 29, 2008

Small Town Oklahoma

Every year 300 high school kids in Oklahoma get chosen to participate in the Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain Resort in Oklahoma. It is a fantastic two week summer program and both of my children have had the honor of participating. It is highly competitive and a very intense program. Rachel did a photo documentary Mangum, OK. Great job as usual. I hope I can post some of her pictures. Ian had the honor of painting with and getting to know Fritz Scholder a few years ago.

We went to pick up Rachel and spent a couple nights at the Hi Way Inn in Hobart, OK. That is pronounced Ho' bert or you will be pegged as being from OKC or Tulsa. We also stayed there last year after having no fancy rooms left in more recognizable hotels within the 20 mile area near Quartz Mountain. I read some reviews, two owners ago, and we decided to "go for it." I still wonder what happened to the original owner whose life story was involved in the review. It was the first clue that it would be an interesting place to stay. It was clean and safe. A nice man named Gandi owned it and I believe he plans to own the Pizza Hut soon as well if I understood correctly. We also ate at a Chinese restaurant. It was kind of like visiting the United Nations, kinda.

Sometimes the world seems so normal in those small Oklahoma towns and fields with the little gas stations complete with cafes. It reminds me a lot of Tennessee and the areas I grew up in. I used to want to live there in the quiet country but alas I confess I now enjoy the arty area of midtown Tulsa. I don't think I could fit in the very Baptist and highly republican small town Oklahoma. Those social circles are tight and I would just be a little to weird for the country.

It is all so spread out and so golden this time of year. The wheat glows and the rocks of Quartz Mountain are beautiful terra cotta and ochre colors.

So if you need a place to stay in "Ho bert" it will have to be the Hi Way Inn the first and only motel as you drive into town.

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