Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oh my Gosh!

OK. We now know where the water meter isn't. The hole is there. The meter is not. One of my helpful neighbors, Glenn Taggart, hooked up a water spicket and ran the water backwards and sure enough, mine is the hole with no meter. Someone undid it. Please tell me this is not another expense. I hope Venture Properties will help me.
I have not signed the new lease yet. The plan is to move into my back storage area and make it as cool and interesting as I can. But, I do need water. I can make it with no heat or air but water is another problem. I want to create a really cool alternative pottery spot that is fun and manageable.

I just spent 5 hours pushing and pulling and lifting trying to "fix" the back. I worked by myself until 9 tonight and my back is killing me. I am heading for the hot tub with a promise to myself not to overdue it again and maybe do 3 and a half hours at a time.

The plan is to move the pottery into my clay selling garage space. They say we can be there month to month for a year. Oh please, don't lie to me and make this true and help me with the water. I can handle the heat and the cold and the smells and the stuff but I must have water.
I looked at yurts on line this morning. Is that crazy? Can I put one in my back yard over the next year and use it like a studio and move it later?

May peace be with everyone. May we appreciate the lives we have. May we not live with stress and anger and show compassion for others. Our economy is tough but I am seeing it as a creative challenge.

Now I am heading for the hot tub to relax those aching sore muscles. I wish I had less stuff. I will fix up the back with everything I want and the rest must be released. I hope I can sell some of the cool stuff and give away the rest to helpful organizations like habitat for humanity and resonance, helping women from OK prisons find their new lives.

Who ever would have believed that more is not better? I worked so hard to buy so many pottery supplies and reinvested so much, not to mention all the stuff friends gave me to make life at the pottery easier. Compress, squeeze and release. FREEDOM coming right up!

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