Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thanks for the Biz!

The shop and several others on the block had a yard or should I say Alley Sale Sat. We got set up, sold a little and then the storm hit. I was so glad I had the stuff halfway in the garage. As I scale down there will be more and more garage sales.

My Mother just spent a couple weeks with me and her wise words were, "Think of the future and don't dwell on the past and that will help you part with stuff." I really don't want to be a pack rat and so I listened and as I look at my stuff I have enjoyed I also think now let someone else have this cool stuff for a while. I imagine myself living in an alternative yurt somewhere and try and figure out if the item makes the space cut to the less congested environment.

When I travel in Mexico I love the sound of iron doors shutting in empty tiled rooms. It is the sound of nothingness, just being there.

My friend Maura has said "Think about the times in our lives that we were the happiest. It is when we had less stuff."

So who am I trying to convince? Me or anyone who reads this. It is a bit painful and takes a lot of patience. And we all know the scandal of the situation and that is how the TV version finds viewers. One of my friends turned me in as someone they should attack! Thanks a lot.
So maybe I will photograph some of my interesting junk and put on my sight and have a blog garage sale with the stories as well.

People with a lot of interests have a lot of stuff and a lot of unfinished projects. I surrender!

Life is calmer now. My children have graduated and our family has come and gone. My arm injury is now at the physical therapy and ultrasound level as well as a good dose of acupuncture tomorrow. I am slowly healing. My pots are selling even though the construction is horrible in front of the shop. I am spring cleaning and not being sucked into Negative Nellie problems and realizing I do not have to solve all problems. That is that brain clutter. What a waste.

So peace be with everyone and enjoy your lives and what you have.

Now, just as soon as I find those 2 decluttering books in the pile of stuff in the corner.

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