Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Silver Saddle

We travel cheaply.
I don't like plastic hotel rooms or spending a fortune to stay in a really fancy hotel. I want clean safe interesting older hotels. I do not like dirty shaky places.
My favorite hotel in Santa Fe is the Silver Saddle. I always think I will take it up a notch and stay somewhere else but cannot seem to make myself do it.
I almost did a price line bid for a four star hotel this time but I would feel like a trader. Why spend our precious hard earned money on such a short lived experience? So here we are again in the nicest room at the Silver Saddle, room 1.
We have a large room with a double bed, a microwave and fridge and the theme of this room is the Outlaw Trail. Each room is decorated and has its own theme. We usually stay in the Roy Rogers room or the route 66 room but this is my favorite. It is located right next to Jackalope so if you get board you can go next door and shop or visit the prairie dog display. There is a picnic table outside where we can sit and read and drink a glass of fine wine and now grill if you want as well. The breakfast is OK, bagels and coffee are fine and we supplement them with fresh fruit and yogurt.
I'l put some photos of the inside later this week. It is really pretty quaint for the price, $62 inluding taxes. It is cheaper off season. I never would have picked this place driving by but a good friend told me about it a few years ago.

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