Tuesday, July 8, 2008

80 something the new 20 something!

Ok. So the Doctor told me I was just old. Well, here is the good news. On Sunday, July 7th we did a raku firing in my back yard with just a few interesting souls to keep it simple in the 90 something degree heat.
This lovely and loving lady in the photo is Betty Lloyd is one of my students and she is 80 something and she is a fine example for us all. She makes 80 something as pleasant as 20 something and maybe better. She fired with us all afternoon and is a real trooper. "I'll have what she is having!"
A fine healthy and positive life with a terrific attitude. I love her. She is grateful for every day and always has a big smile on her face and lots of hugs. She has survived a lot. She had breast cancer and lots of other aches and pains as well. Now she is fighting back pain. She never whines. She stays so positive.
When her loving husband died she started taking pottery and has fun making cool pots for her children and grandchildren.
She sets an incredible example for us all. Betty enjoys nearly every day of her life.

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