Thursday, July 17, 2008

View Mount Brookside outside my shop or one more reason we had to move

Doubled rent, new construction, my sign fell half down, the electric bill increased and tennis elbow and higher gasoline prices competing with pottery sales "those are a few of my favorite things."

It is OK. I will nest happily in my new smaller area. I did realize today it is just like childbirth. I am birthing a new pottery shop. Ouch. Oh it hurts and the contractions are horrible but oh when the new baby gets here it is worth the pain. Soon, when I know where stuff is going I will call on my wonderful brigade of friends to help save the day and play house in the back. It is fun to build a new studio after the contractions of the birth of a smaller studio. I should be there soon, just a few more pushes. Please dear friends, I hope you will answer your phones when I call and take you up on those offers to help me move. Then maybe I will stop waking up at the "hour of the Goddess" when all of us wake up for a few hours and worry. If only we knew who was up and we could tell each other to go back to bed.

So here are a few photos to show you this great view out my business window.

I so hoped Venture would just raise the rent a little so we could all stay until December. We just cannot take the construction on top of everything else. If you come to sale Saturday, park in the back so you don't pick up any extra nails or screws from the construction. Venture Properties has been nice to me they just had to pay for what they just bought, my building.

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