Sunday, July 13, 2008

OK I'm ready

Full speed ahead. I'm gonna get this move underway. It was nice to have a little time off over the week-end to regroup.
I drove by the block today and was taken aback by the for rent signs I think there are 4 now. There will be more. Our wonderful art block has come to an end, quickly. I hope I won't be forgotten in the little space behind my old shop.
This week was the low point, I think. Mount Brookmore, big pile of rocks and several yellow tonka trucks in front was disturbing. The water faucet blew off leaving me with only water from the air conditioner condensing and the vent in the bathroom is falling down and still the rent doubles?
It is ok. I like my new space and I am looking forward to being able to concentrate on fewer projects in a quieter environment. I can travel some too and not have to be there all the time. I should have a very interesting little shop and I look forward to it. I want to do some projects I have been thinking about for a while and will probably have mini shows of my most recent projects, maybe once a month or every 6 weeks and we will have openings with wine cheese and my white tent right outside the door. Yes it will be fun little openings with cool stuff.
Tomorrow my friend Tom comes by from Costa Rica and we will talk about my future trip there and he is bringing an arm Doctor with him whom he says is really good and will give me more arm advice. That is good news too!
So, I am ready now. I am rested and ready to dig in again. Less is more!

Forgive me for whining here and there. It is all about this pubic journaling biz. I will try and keep the subjects more interesting.

And, thank you all friends and customers who braved the heat and construction to come and buy a little here and there and offer moral support during these big changes.

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