Thursday, July 17, 2008

Email sent to those on my mailing list

Hi everyone!
This is an invitiation to everyone to come by Saturday from 9-3 or so. for a fun garage sale. Yes, I am still working on scaling down and fitting into the garage behind the pottery. It is not easy but it must be done by August 31.

So you all need to come and take advantage of this situation. As most of you know my rent has doubled and I am scaling down to the space behind my old shop. I am going from about 2500 square feet to 740 square feet. I will contine to sell clay tools and glazes and will annouce my new hours later. I hope to work on more special orders and more one of a kind sculptures (like the good old days) and have theme openings about every 6 weeks or so. And I want to have more of a real life and spend more time with friends and family.

Brushworks is closing July 31 and will also have a garage sale the same day from about 9-1. Floating World Gallery is also closing July 31. Many others have left our block as well because of the rent increase.

So, come enjoy our sale of interesting stuff. Park in the back. Construction in the front is a real pain. Enter my garage sale in the shop from the back door for your convenience.

What's on sale? Pots, fixtures, art materials, rolling pins, 6 foot folding tables at $20 each, a few other tables, odds and ends of funiture, shelves, extra work boards, forms to use as molds, gift items, project stuff, stools, work tables, display items good for shows, bags and wrapping stuff, beads, jewelry, stainless utensils, and a whole lot more. I probably won't have the glaze chemicals sorted yet.

So see you soon I hope. There will be another final sale with glaze chemicals etc before August 31 and then we will party and open the new shop officially.

So come and get first choice. Starts Saturday at 9 and lasts until 3 at my shop. It has been a fun 17 years building Brookside Pottery. Change happens.

Thanks! Linda Coward 747-7574

And don't forget to visti my blog that works like a website at
There you will find the latest news from the shop and personal life. It is pottery journal.

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