Monday, July 7, 2008

"You're Just Old"

I am officially diagnosed by a specialist, OLD.
Yep, that is what the Doctor Specialist told me. "You're just old."
Harrumph, he is 10 years older than me.

My poor old arm. He said, " You are just old and you overwork it and you cannot have anymore physical therapy and you should not get an operation (like I would go for that) and go away and live with it and when you can't stand it anymore come back and get another steroid shot."

Never mind that the physical therapy was helping even though it was slow.

So now what? He and I did agree it is hard to know when it is well enough to try and build strength. It is a fine line.

He said he cannot run anymore from his aches and pains and cannot weed eat because of the same tennis elbow and it is common for us old people to have these pains.

I heard sawing and yelling in other parts of the office making me a bit wheezy and then I realized they were sawing off casts like the red one in the trash. Guess I could not get out of there fast enough after that. I told him the acupuncture really helped a lot last week so he said "Well go try that some more."

So does this mean 56 is the new 86? I don't think so. Watch me! I don't go down this easy. Guess I should have slugged him in the shoulder with my bad arm as I left. I bet my bad arm is still better than his good arm.

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