Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to the Move and Sale

I am back in Tulsa now, after a short trip to Columbia Missouri for freshman orientation for my daughter Rachel.
It is good to have a break before jumping in to moving the pottery. There should be a lot of interesting "extras" for sale starting tomorrow. Rachel's boyfriend ripped up a bunch of dusty old carpet out of the garage I am moving into so I can "get with it" again tomorrow.
So, here we go again. Sale, sort, give away and throw away.
There are a lot of pottery magazines at half price. All jewelry is 50% off. Great stainless serving spoons and spreaders at 25% off. Geodes and stones are marked down and so is a lot of my pottery.
And, we are letting people join in the pottery classes as you please. The classes are fun and we have a new project every class.
Still no water in the back. It should happen soon.

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