Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Raku in July

Smoke and Fire come hand in hand while raku firing

Ian watches the temperature of the firing as we wait for the glazes to mature

Margaret Jackie and Betty brought brownies, watermelon and more goodies for the hot summer day

Waiting in the heat

Cold rags, head cools

Kent and Ian reload the kiln

Smoke and staying cool, keep those shirts wet

It was hot and we fired anyway. When it gets cooler we will have a big firing in my backyard and everyone will be invited. Ian fired 35 pots and Margaret fired some too. Kent was a great help and brought jambalia and fresh corn for our feast. Come by the shop and see Ian's new pots.


  1. Hello like these?
    watch your blog, I find it very interesting.
    good topics to be discussed, I hope that peace in mine.
    My blog is in Spanish and also translated into English.
    I hope you.
    a hug.

  2. Thank you Marcelo. I wish you peace as well. I am trying to visit your blog and see you are a poet from Chile. I love Naruda's poems. I will try and read your poems in English. Thank you again for your compliments. And, a hug to you as well.