Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brookside Pottery Will Be Moved by August 31

OK, I am at it again. I must be scaled down in my shop behind my shop by August 31. Sort. clean, toss. It is about 17 years of collected stuff and project ideas.
I confess it is a scary thing and my shop still feels like it is mine and like it cannot change a whole lot. Thank goodness my friends tell me they see big changes every time they come.
Change happens and I gotta do it. There is no way with the construction, gas prices competing and the doubled rent that I can stay where I am. Gotta move to the back.
After a visit with friends at the reunion and the family reunion I am ready to charge forward again.
All my art gallery neighbors except for the art gallery on the corner will be gone by Thursday, July 31st. So. please spread the word, I have not moved yet. I had several calls thinking I am gone now too. I'm here till August 31!
I find more stuff to put on sale every day. What is left will be donated to neighbor to neighbor and Habitat for Humanity to help the community and for a tax deduction.

I may send out a call to friends to come and help for an hour or two once I am ready to move the bigger or significant stuff. Call and tell me if you want to volunteer an hour or two. I could use the help but don't want to abuse my friends. I will make a sign up sheet so no one has to sweat too much. Once I know where everything goes this should not be too difficult. We are getting there!

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