Friday, July 11, 2008


I went to work today and know I should start the real move. My daughter's boyfriend pulled up the toxic carpet in the little room in my studio. That was a real gift. The carpet was full of fertilizer and insecticide left over from the last renters a hardware store. Now I can begin to move into that room as my own private studio.
However, I had so many visitors today it was impossible to accomplish anything toward the moving experience. It was good to check in with others and some people really needed me but the day passed away. Rats.
I am not a space planner and all this scares me. It is not a good day for me. Tomorrow must be better. One friend was able to offer some good moving suggestions and was extra helpful picking up a package from Fed Ex who thinks I have already moved. What? I wish!
I keep remembering what my friend from Costa Rica said. "Store the stuff you want, sell the rest and get you ass down here to rest and a plan will come to you naturally." He is right. I will go to Costa Rica as soon as possible.

I am overwhelmed today. It is the first day to really start moving stuff I want to the back. I want to cry. I look for the inner strength to get this done. I don't want to own anything.
I gave away a couple of fun things today. One was s sweet little basket rescued in a garage sale and another was an inspirational postcard of the woman in a dress who climbed Mt Rainer many years ago, in her dress. They rescue souls today that still cannot make climb up in one piece today. And there she was and by grannies, she did it and did it her way.
My great grandmother could stand in a bucket and throw a bail of hay to the second story of the barn in Indiana. Thank you for those strong German genes. Good teeth (well maybe used to be), strong bones and stamina. The men on the farm in Indiana could not do this.

Stamina, strength. I can do this.

I will be stronger tomorrow. I will get this done. But first, I am tired and I need a nap. Some days are better than others. I am glad to have such wonderful friends. So many have offered to help if I get in a pinch.
Tomorrow is a new day.

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