Saturday, September 13, 2008

Be Careful What You Order

Horse riding in the mall in Columbia, MO looks like fun.

Be careful when you order the happy hour beer!

So we went to Mexican Restaurant in Columbia MO and they had 70 ounce margaritas for almost nothing and we decided we did not want that many sugary calories. They offered us a smaller drink for $2.79 and it was a delicious Blue Moon Beer. We went into shock when they delivered two of these to our table. So how big are our kidneys? I had to lift the thing with two hands carefully! How can I "lighten-up" with a beer this big? I could not drink it all and neither could John and we sat there a long time drinking slowly. We were trying to stay on our diets and eat and drink lightly. That is very difficult, obviously, when you eat out in this country! I recently tried a mohito and really liked the mint and club soda flavors and a tough of rum, maybe I should have ordered that. It could not have been this big, could it?

Diets. I gave myself a C plus on my dieting skills last week. I did start exercising again but oh that sweet tooth. It gets me every time. Yes, I ate lots of salads and was well disciplined most of the time but, I was not the perfect dieter. And then the trip and the beer. By the way, the alcohol content must have been low. There was no buzz off that beer which is fine with me.

Tomorrow is a new day. I will keep trying to lighten up. It is hard when you travel or eat out. Live to eat or eat to live? I love cooking and I love good food. The balance of life can be a bit difficult. I hope to do better next week. Abundance of food and stuff, could be worse!

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