Monday, September 8, 2008

Stop, Slow Down and Smell the Roses

I am learning to relax again. I want to slow down, enjoy life and savor the moments. I loved having my big shop but I will love more having a small shop. I like the spot and the bit of isolation. It sure is a squeeze to fit but it will work. It is still embarrassing when new people stop by to think they might think I am satisfied with how it looks. It just takes a while. I gotta get rid of more and I am pacing myself doing it. Saturday I lifted several hundred pounds of concrete blocks and I hate lifting right now.

I am trying to get stronger and smarter. Lifting sucks.

I am starting with severe office cleaning. My dear friends who moved me made a pyramid of papers and assorted stuff in my office and I had to move all my books. I can see my books and I put a comfortable chair by them. I have a great art book collection and now we can all use it.

I am still jumping over and around things and I just got in another clay shipment of 900 pounds and had to find room for that. Selling fewer kinds of clay will help.

And thank you for Craig's list. It is like a permanent yard sale. What a great way to get rid of and share stuff.

One day at a time. Bird by Bird.


  1. Linda-Read the USA Today(9-11-2008) it totally debunks the libary/censureship article. And God forbid that she want to return money to the ordinary citizens. All kinds of erroneous rumors are circulated on the internet, your blogspot being a prime example. I am extremely offended.

  2. Jackie,
    I knew I would get in trouble for putting political stuff on my pottery blog. ANd, I don't want to offend you. We just gotta get to the bottom of all the political rigamarow. Rumors fly, facts get ignored and who knows what else. We all want to trust our sources. I will do my best to get to th bottom of this issue about censorship. That is obviously important to us all. I try to list the sources for all the info. I will do my best to see who is correct.
    I still love you anyway. You are one of my favorite republicans! Did I offend the parrots too? I hope not. It is hard to tell what they will be saying.
    When John was in the navy as an officer and me as an officer's wife , if you can imagine that, they said we could not talk about sex, politics or religion at the dinner table. I obeyed then but life is just to short not to blab every now and then.
    The good news is, I think we have the same goals. We just get there differently.
    I love freedom of speech for us both!

  3. Hey Linda, also check out freecycle. I have never done it, but some of my friends in Arkansas love it. There must be a freecycle group in Tulsa?

    hope you are well.

  4. Dana,
    Leslie told me about freecycle too. I bet it works. Also "free" on craigs list works. I gave away some old paneling. People love free stuff. Thanks for your comments.