Friday, September 5, 2008

What is happening in my new space?

I have all the stuff in the new space, too much in the new space. I am sorting and sifting through the piles of papers and supplies everyday. The shop is not presentable yet but I am getting there. It is fun finding old photos showing how the pottery used to look and all the newspaper articles about the shop.
I took a couple days off, even though I stopped by a couple of times both days, but I needed a break from the move.

I am still thinking about new hours, allowing myself more time to work and play. The new hours may be Wed.-Fri from 12-5 and open the first and third Saturday of each month and by appointment. That is not for sure yet.

I found my business cards left over from my original shop and if I could just change 1138 to 1138D East 37th Street, I would have the right address. That is just plain weird.
I was originally in that space for 2 years and a lot of my friends have been in that space too.

So, give me a little more time to clean and straighten and come see me soon. It is a bit embarrassing now as we have to jump over stuff.

I am looking for simplicity and that is not easy. Less is more. More pleasant.
I am so lucky to have such a problem. I still have too much stuff even after giving a lot away to Restore and Neighbor to Neighbor. What a luxurious problem I have, too much not too little.

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